How Do I Access the Property? When will I receive the access details?

When you have signed the rental agreement and your initial payment has been successfully processed it can take up to 24 hours for our team to validate your booking.

You will then receive the following communications:

  • Instantly - Access instructions via email
  • 7 days prior to check-in - access instructions via email
  • 4 days prior to check-in - access instructions via text message and email
  • Day of check-in - access instructions via email

Note: if you booked via airbnb you will receive these communications via the Airbnb messaging system.

This might sound like a lot of emails but we frequently have guests asking us how to get in so we'd rather over-communicate then under-communicate!

The address and access details for the property are available within the arrival section of the online guest guidebook (sent via the above emails / messages).

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