Wifi Troubleshooting

As stated in the rental agreement that you signed, whilst we do our best to ensure that wifi is available, wifi can be intermittent in rural areas and is therefore not always guaranteed.

Here are some steps that you can try to rectify wifi problems:

  1. Check the wifi instructions in the online guest guidebook to make sure that the wifi network and password are correct
  2. Switch the router on and off using the power button on the front of the router. At the same time restart your phone then after the router is back online, try to access the WIFI again.
  3. If the property has a streaming service, check it is working by following the instructions in the guide. If the streaming service is working the issue is with your device.
  4. If still not working (and if you know how) you can go into settings on your device, select “forget this network” then try reconnecting to the network again
  5. If you are still unable to connect please contact us and we will raise the issue with the service provider

Please note that whilst we do our best to ensure wifi is available, circumstances beyond our control may impact availability.

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