What Are The Rules for Pets?

We have put together the following FAQ's to assist you.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, pets are welcome at all properties listed here: https://professionalholidayhomes.com.au/features/pet-friendly

Can my pet stay inside?

Yes, all pets are welcome inside.

Are yards fully enclosed?

Most yards are fully enclosed for dogs but some are not - please check the Important Information section of the property description for full details (scroll to bottom of the listing text).

Do you supply dog toys & bowls?

Some properties supply dog toys and bowls, but these are not guaranteed at all properties.

Do you supply dog beds?

For hygiene reasons we do not supply dog beds so please bring your own bedding.

What are the rules for Pets?

  • Pets are not allowed on couches, beds or other furniture. If your pet is likely to jump on couches please bring a blanket or bed to protect the furniture. Extra cleaning fees will apply if pet hair is found on furniture
  • Cats must have their claws trimmed prior to staying
  • Owners must pick up any dog poo before departure
  • If dogs are likely to bark when left alone they must not be left unattended in the yar

Is there a limit on the number of pets or size of pet?

  • Please see the property description on the booking website for any limits. If no limits listed you can bring up to 3 dogs. Please contact us should you wish to bring more than 3 dogs.
  • Some properties do not allow cats. Please contact us should you wish to bring a cat.
  • If you are bringing another animal please contact us for approval
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